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Roadmap for Customer Engagement

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Entering and Capturing the Market

NVTC FastTrack Speaker: Entering and Capturing the Market – With Prezi

I was asked again this year to be one of the NVTC FastTrack speakers. After participating in the ten session series, companies will complete a detailed business plan using the information they gleaned from speakers and coaches. My topic was “Entering and Capturing the Market” and I chose to prepare a Prezi as a way […]

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Are You on WooWoo?

This ad for the Adobe Marketing Cloud is excellent at driving home the point that social media fads can take businesses down a proverbial rabbit hole.  


Advantages of Using Web Templates

Since my clients tend to be non-profits, start-ups, and smaller for-profit companies that have real budget constraints, I’m always thinking of ways to marry great design with robust functionality. I find that using website templates such as those developed by WordPress, are highly configurable and use great web design principles to provide companies with a […]


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